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Who Said What

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Who Said What
Who Said What
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Descirption: A thorough, accessible guide to research, citation, and source evaluation, designed to assist students growing up in an era of social media, fake ne, alternative facts, and information overload.
Is Yahoo Answers a good source for your History essay? How about InfoWars? How do you include another person's ideas in your work without stealing them? Should you cite an Instagram post as a source, and if so, how do you do it? Who Said What? provides students from middle school through college (along with bloggers, writers, and others who need to write with accuracy and clarity) with a reliable, friendly guide through the often bewildering process of research, writing, and documentation.
Drawing on years of teaching, research, and writing experience, Kayla Meyers and Susan Wise Bauer teach you how to evaluate the trustworthiness of a source, how to use it without stealing it, how to properly credit its creator, and why all of this even...

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